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Airport Marine Shades

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Recognized for our quality custom window installments and exceptional customer service, Solar Screen Co. Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and installation of Marine Shades that are best suited and customized to meet our customers’ needs.

Solar Screen Co. Inc. manufactures, ships, and installs :

  • Airport and Marine Shades
  • Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Tug boats
  • Industrial Shipping Vessels
  • Tractors, Trucks and Buses

We provide :

  • Customized size, shape, color and fabric along with quality installment that would deliver the best product and service for our customers
  • Careful packaging to avoid any damage or scratch
  • Special coating material meaning less abrasion and insuring longer service life
  • Custom pulley system used to control the position of the cab shade providing a better operating system for the user
  • Excellent customer service; answering all your questions and offering consultation services
light blocking screen

Insuring colors remain while looking through the shades is a priority we set for all airport and marine shades. That’s why we insured that the visual light signals are easily recognized and that the red, yellow and green signal markers are never distorted, even at a greater distance.

Please note: Industrial Strength Shades provide daytime privacy only.

Solar Screen Co. Inc. Shades are shipped with :

  • All the necessary hardware equipment depending on your order (Spring Roller, Clutch/Chain Roller, Cassettes, Fascia, Top Down, Bottom Up)
  • Brackets
  • Chain lengths – call us at (718) 592-8222 to order customized shorter or longer chains
  • For Air Traffic Control Tower Shades: specialized FAA hardware and cords are supplied

Customized for Control Tower Shades :

  • FAA#25 Industrial Strength for Southern and Southwestern Geographies where the sun is brighter and hotter; there is also a transparent metallic coating between the layers for added heat reduction.
  • 2470B for Northern Geographies where the sun is less intense. This is more for glare than heat reduction.

These shades are lead free and are mounted on heavy-duty steel rollers with dust covers protecting the drive mechanism from abrasive grit.



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