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E-Z Skylight System

motorized solar shades

Pleated skylight shades are an imaginative, yet practical solution for controlling light and energy problems. Our energy efficient sheer metalized fabric shades reflect the sun’s intense rays, allowing glare-free natural light into the room. They also, reflect the sun’s radiant heat in summer and limit room heat from escaping in winter to maintain a comfortable interior environment. The Sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause severe fading of a home’s valuable furnishings and carpeting. Metalized fabrics can significantly reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays that are transmitted through a room’s window.

The skylight shades are lightweight and easy to install. They can be installed at any angle, from vertical to horizontal. They repel dust and seldom require cleaning. All that’s needed to maintain their fresh appearance is an occasional light sweep of a vacuum. There are two skylight shade models to choose from :

darkening curtains

Manual Shades – Shades are operated under constant tension for 0-90 degree slope or orientation. Shades have a ring pull for raise and lower function. Constant tension shade shall be provided for square skylight frames, any slope or orientation, up to 48” wide by 96” long maximum and 12” wide by 18” long maximum. Skylight Shade Poles are available for manual operation of shades in hard to reach areas.

Motorized Shades – State of the art motorized operation for hard to reach skylights. Shade systems shall be provided for skylights up to 60”wide by 96” long maximum (24”wide by 24” long minimum) The system does not have side channels so there is nothing to detract from the beauty of the windows. The motor is mounted in the head rail. A standard power supply and switch is used to control up to three shades.

motorized skylight shades
motorized skylight shades


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