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Product Warranty

With Solar Screen’s factory installation, all of the following conditions are guaranteed from time of delivery to 12 months after the initial installation:

Measurement : Meets all FAA specifications relating to fit and allowances within the window openings.

Shipment : All products will be delivered via common carrier or through installer’s own vehicle. If any shipping damage is noted, replacement of damaged product(s) will be rapid (usually overnight), and installation will occur with as little inconvenience as possible to the facility and its operations.

Materials : All materials making up the product are guaranteed for 12 months from the installation date. These materials include: the hanging brackets and attachment screws; spring assembly, roller tube and idle end cap; FAA certified film body for any manufacturing flaws and imperfections; bottom hembar and hold-down cord; all directional pulleys, cord-locks, sops and cord-end tassels.

Installation : All work will be done by an insured installer, in a professional manner, quietly and with as little interference to operation as possible. In addition, installation on windows facing the primary runway(s) will be done during a ‘lull’ period, under the approval of the controller(s) on shift. All work is warranted for 12 months after the initial install. This warranty does not cover any damage or abuse occurring by others after initial installation. Any extra travel expenses to cover any warranty work will be responsibility of the Solar Screen factory Installation Service.

Operation : All shade operating points, that is all cord lock assemblies and operational pulleys, will be approved for location and ease of operation, before the completion of the work. All cords and their directional pulley(s) will be aligned in such a way as to allow for smooth operation, with as little friction as possible, insuring long cord life. All shade operations, as set by the installer, are warranted for 12 months after the initial install.

Replacement cords offered with free shipping. Labor for cord replacements is not included. Simply contact Solar Screen with the number of the shades(s), and we will ship out the replacement cord.



  1. Defective Shade Material
  2. Seams opening
  3. Shade Material delaminating
  4. Defective Spring Motor
  5. Defective Bead Chain Drive Unit


Not Covered

Vandalism, improper operation, dealer or customer installation, wear on cords, chains pulleys and locks, rusting of décor bar, change of color from continued exposure to strong sunlight, damage to exterior shade and/or motor when not retracted in windy conditions.

Inspection of Defect

We reserve the right to inspect shades to determine if there is a manufacturing error. Please do not return shades unless we request it. Freight is not covered.


First Year= Full Replacement
2nd Year= Charged 1/3rd current cost
3rd Year= Charged 2/3rd current cost



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