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Solar Screen Co. Inc. was founded in 1960. The company started and will continue as a family owned and operated business which specializes in the manufacture and delivery of solar shades, outdoor and indoor sun shades, motorized shades and energy efficient shades. At Solar Screen Co. Inc. we excel in delivering optically clear, solar control film shades for over 50 years.

Solar Screen Co.

  • Specializes in meeting the needs of all commercial and governmental applications
  • Meets all FAA and Military requirements and specifications in regard to film material, fit and operation, mandatory for Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Providing Factory Certified Measuring and Installation, while offering flexible measuring and installation times, day or night, scheduled to your convenience
  • Offering both manual and motorized film shades with full tech support for local trades, both on and off the job site, in regard to automatic operations
  • We offer 100% guarantee on product delivery, quality, fit and operation

Have you experienced any of the following by your previous ATCT shade provider?

  • Poor scheduling and coordination from the vendor?
  • Installer’s lack of consideration for operations while in the cab?
  • Slow, unprofessional installation?
  • Shades that just don’t fit right, with large gaps on the sides?
  • Rollers that are stiff and noisy, and just don’t work right?
  • Pull cords misaligned and wearing out?
  • Cord-locks inconveniently located to operate shades?

These conditions will be non-existent with Solar Screen Co. Inc.’s

Factory Certified Measuring and Installation Service

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