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FAA Specified Shade Materials

5 + Mil with Scratch Resistant Coating on one side

Two Material Selections

SS#FAA#25 Industrial Strength Southern and Southwestern Areas where the sun is brighter. A highly transparent metallic coating between the layers provides heat reducing values. All the shades should be lowered for a uniform light balance.

SS#2470B Northern Areas where the sun is less intense.

  • Material Seams (when required) laminated and welded.
  • Towers requiring double shades for intense blinding glare.
  • Suggest one set of 2470B and one set of FAA#25 Industrial Strength.

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FAA Spec Rollers - 1 3/4 or larger with replaceable drive mechanism. No tools required. Small shades may be installed on smaller diameter rollers.

Idler Side Pin End – Case Hardened will not cut through from wear.

Bottom Bar – Dulled Black Roll Form Steel 1/2 x 1 with Soft End Caps.

Cord connection on Bottom – Stainless Steel open loop EZ cord replacement.

Directional Pulley – Stainless Steel free running secured to center of the window sill. Additional pulleys may be required.

Cord Lock – Self closing Cam free running with quick side pull release.

Delivering optically clear, solar control film shades for over 50 years.

  • Specializing in meeting the needs of all commercial and governmental applications.
  • Meeting all FAA and Military requirements and specifications in regard to film material, fit and operation, mandatory for Air Traffic Control Towers.
  • Providing Factory Certified Measuring and Installation, while offering flexible
  • Measuring and installation times, day or night, scheduled to your convenience.*
  • Offering both manual and motorized film shades with full tech support for local trades, both on and off the job site, in regard to automatic operations.
  • We off 100% guarantee on product delivery, quality, fit and operation.**

Have you experienced any of the following by your previous ATCT shade provider?

  • Poor scheduling and coordination from the vendor?
  • Installer’s lack of consideration for operations while in the cab?
  • Slow, unprofessional installation?
  • Shades that just don’t fit right, with large gaps on the sides?
  • Rollers that are stiff and noisy, and just don’t work right?
  • Pull cords misaligned and wearing out?
  • Cord-locks inconveniently located to operate shades?

These conditions will be non-existent with Solar Screen’s Factory Certified Measuring and Installation Service

We know what it takes – provide a long-lasting quality product that pleases everyone, from Management, to Maintenance, and most importantly to the Air Traffic Controllers. We’re so confident about our product and installation, that we proudly offer it to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.**

In addition to the FAA specified hardware and components, we offer the following as a standard installation feature, with each ATCT order, at no extra charge:

Transparent film strips, made up of the same FAA/military approved shade material, to be used primarily on vertical window mulls, where the approved shade bracket cannot close in the gap between the shade film and the mull. These 2″ strips are applied to the window, up next to the window frame to block any sunlight intrusion that may cause glare for the controllers or on the monitors, as the sun traverses across the sky.

Five inch Transparent film strips similarly can also be applied to the bottom portion of the window opening, stopping extra glare that may reflect in from underneath the drawn shade. These strips run the width of the particular windows that pose such a glare problem, typically having their mulls level with the counter top or console. Both Transparent strip applications are options that can be determined at the time of installation.


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A selection of specialized hold-down pulley and cord lock systems, created by Solar Screen and available only through Solar Screen, have been designed to fit all console or sill configurations. Whether the window is behind an angled console, a flat counter, or above a stairwell, the installation team will provide the necessary hold-down hardware to place the control cord at the most convenient angle and location for operation.

And when we say convenient location, we can assure you that each individual shade pull-cord will be routed through a series of pulleys to the best location for practical use. What does that mean? Well, it means that the Air Traffic Controllers won’t have to reach down behind a coffee maker or a microwave, or from around a monitor. It means that they’ll never have to stand in the stairwell to pull down on a shade cord with the cord-lock on the sill above their head.

Every shade will operate smoothly and efficiently with cords running through individual locks, each within easy reach of its operator.

And we pledge NEVER to use just a simple cord-lock for a hold-down, as occurs quite often with other companies. Take a look in your cab right now. Are there only cord-locks holding down the shades? If so, BEWARE! These cord locks were never meant to be used as directional pulleys, and if you haven’t already heard the complaints, the cord-locks, along with the cords will rapidly wear out when installed in that manner. We use cord-locks for only one purpose-to lock cords! With our system, all pull-cord re-directions are made by our stainless steel and nylon pulleys, insuring that the shade cord runs straight through the final cord-lock ax friction-free as possible.


motorized roller shades

So when you’re ready for your next shade replacement, please consider us…

You’ll see our Factory Certified Installation in ATCTs all over the country. And those tower’s managers, maintenance groups, and air traffic controllers haven’t been disappointed. If you can’t find somebody that can make reference, we can direct you to many that will gladly recommend us.

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*Factory sizing and installation available with contacts directly with the factory. This service also extends to any local Vendor/Retailer that utilizes Solar Screen’s factory Installation Service.

**With Solar Screen’s factory installation, all of the following conditions are guaranteed from time of delivery to 12 months after the initial installation:

  • Measurement : Meets all FAA specifications relating to fit and allowances within the window openings.
  • Shipment : All products will be delivered via common carrier or through installer’s own vehicle. If any shipping damage is noted, replacement of damaged product(s) will be rapid (usually overnight), and installation will occur with as little inconvenience as possible to the facility and its operations.
  • Materials : All materials making up the product are guaranteed for 12 months from the installation date. These materials include: the hanging brackets and attachment screws; spring assembly, roller tube and idle end cap; FAA certified film body for any manufacturing flaws and imperfections; bottom hembar and hold-down cord; all directional pulleys, cord-locks, sops and cord-end tassels.
  • Installation : All work will be done by an insured installer, in a professional manner, quietly and with as little interference to operation as possible. In addition, installation on windows facing the primary runway(s) will be done during a ‘lull’ period, under the approval of the controller(s) on shift. All work is warranted for 12 months after the initial install. This warranty does not cover any damage or abuse occurring by others after initial installation. Any extra travel expenses to cover any warranty work will be responsibility of the Solar Screen factory Installation Service.
  • Operation: All shade operating points, that is all cord lock assemblies and operational pulleys, will be approved for location and ease of operation, before the completion of the work. All cords and their directional pulley(s) will be aligned in such a way as to allow for smooth operation, with as little friction as possible, insuring long cord life. All shade operations, as set by the installer, are warranted for 12 months after the initial install.

***Labor for cord replacements is not included. Simply contact Solar Screen with the number of the shades(s), and we will ship out the replacement cord.



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