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specialized cord lock and pulle

Specialized Hold-Down Pulley and Cord Lock Systems

A selection of specialized hold-down pulley and cord lock systems, created by Solar Screen Co. Inc. and available only through Solar Screen Co. Inc., have been designed to fit all console or still configurations. Whether the window is behind an angled console, a flat counter, or above a stairwell, the installation team will provide the necessary hold-down hardware to place the control cord at the most convenient angle and location for operation

And when we say conveninet location, we can assure you that each individual shade pull-cord will be routed through a series of pullyes to the best location for practical use. What does that mean? Well, it means that the Air Traffic Controllers won’t have to reach down behind a console for an errant pull-cord. It means that they’ll never have to pull a shade cord from behind a coffee maker, or a microwave, or from around a monitor. It means that they’ll never have to stand in the stairwell to pull down on a shade cord with the cord-lock on the sill above their head


Every shade will operate smoothly and efficiently with
cords running through individual locks, each within easy reach of its operator. Guaranteed!

And we pledge NEVER to use just a simple cord-lock for a hold-down, as occurs quite often with other companies. Take a look in your cab right now. Are there only cord-locks, like the one seen to the left, holding down the shades? If so, BEWARE! Those cord locks were never meant to be used as directional, hold-down pulleys. And if you haven’t already heard the complaints, the cord-locks, along with the cords will rapidly wear out when installed in that manner. We use cord-locks for only one purpose – to lock cords!

With our system, all pull-cord re-directions are made by our stainless steel and nylon pulleys, insuring that the shade cord runs straight through the final cord lock as friciton-free as possible, as seen above.



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