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Decorative Heat Blocking Shades

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The ultra-fine layer of aluminum on a screen fabric dramatically improves the solar energy performance, whilst demonstrating excellent view through. Besides SilverScreen adds a contemporary style to architectural design on the interior as well as the exterior of the building; functional meets decorative.

SilverScreen is produced environmentally friendly, it has the Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate and is formaldehyde free. This means that SilverScreen does not contain any harm causing elements for our health. Besides, during the summer SilverScreen keeps the warmth outside. Due to the reflecting metal layer and it will reduce the loss of warmth during the winter. This results in considerable savings on the costs of energy (air-conditioning, heating, etc), but it also reduces the amount of CO2-emissions.

SilverScreen can be called a Green Product!

Benefits of the use of Silverscreen

SilverScreen combines excellent :

  • Visual Comfort
  • View through
  • Thermal Comfort

Visual comfort means :

  • No disability glare
  • No discomfort glare, or as less as possible
  • Limited luminance contrasts

View through means :

  • Good contact to the outside world
  • Less possible obstructions
  • Possible conflicts with glare control

Thermal Comfort means :

  • Reduced radiation heat
  • Better temperature control
  • No downdraught near windows


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