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These shades are made specifically for use with Skylights and Dual Shades. These shades come in three types: Transparent and Translucent. Our transparent shades come in Lite Pewter and Lite Camel. Our translucent shades are available in Satin, Charcoal, Buff, Sand and Silver-Grey.

Our Pleated Skylight Shade and Dual Shade Materials :-

  • Reflect solar heat in summer
  • Reduce heat loss in winter
  • Are made with flame retardant fabrics made from Trevia CS yarns.
  • Are anti-static and repel dust
  • Contain no toxins
Skylight & Dual Shade Material Solar Reflection Solar Transmission Light Transmission UV Transmission Solar Heat Gain (SGHC)
Transparent #816 37% 30% 29% 27% 43%
Translucent #875 65% 04% 04% 2% 26%

Through a high-tech process, a thin film of 100% aluminum is vacuum bonded to polyester fabric. It is then given special finishes engineered for window covering durability requirements. When it comes to skylight shading, our Pleated Skylight Shades are the best around.



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