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Transparent Woven Shades

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material. They filter light, reduce fading, control heat and cut glare, and can be used for commercial or residential applications.

Woven shades are available in different openness factors and colors. The lighter colors block 30 % more heat than darker colors and allow more natural light in. The darker colors allow for sharper outward visibility and have more glare reduction. Woven shades are made of a combination of vinyl-coated fiberglass and vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The fabric is also bacterial and fungal resistant.
SilverScreen Shades are an environmentally friendly Green Product. They are excellent at rejecting heat in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. They eliminate 82% of the solar effects, with an openness factor between 4-6%. The transparent woven material has a highly reflective, ultra fine layer of aluminum vacuum bonded to the exterior facing the side of vinyl coated woven fiberglass. Then t he fabric is given a special finish that protects the bond making it suited for roller shades. They repel dirt and dust for easy maintenance, are non-toxic, and are lead free. SilverScreen has been awarded the Greenguard Certification for Safe Indoor Air Quality, and also the Children and School Safety Certificate.



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